Secured Cards for Bad Credit: All The Buying Power You Need to Re-Establish Yourself

The First Progress Platinum Elite® MasterCard

first progress prepaidfirst progress prepaid Details
  • Full-feature Platinum MasterCard secured card
  • No credit history or minimum score required for approval
  • Quick & complete online application
  • Secured by your deposit of $300 - $2,000
  • Deposit held at FDIC-insured bank
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"A Helping Hand To Buy The Time You Need"
- Ariel Pryor

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How do prepaid credit cards work?

Many are now rushing to get financing and restore their financial reputation on monthly payment at a time. No matter your past, prepaid credit cards online offer you access to the convenience and benefits of a charge card. Leave the cash at home, these second chance programs are the first step to restoring your credit reputation.

Why do these issuers allow almost anyone to qualify? The reason is they secure their investment in you when you pre-load the card, and will make money whether you pay their bills on time or not, since late payers tend to pay higher interest rates and late fees.

Most people try to do the right thing, even when facing financial hardship. It is rare for people to not pay off their balances and attempt to disappear. So from the standpoint of Visa or Mastercard, there is little risk of extending a small revolving line of credit to people looking to rebuild.

You still want to manage your payments effectively though. Your prepaid card is your opportunity to build better scores and climb latter to ultimately qualify for better financing. Just like an unsecured card, if you don't pay off your bills, your credit cards might end up costing you a lot more than your purchases in the long run as you rack up late fees and penalties.

Borrow responsibly and use the second chance to establish an ontime monthly payment history and keep your outstanding balances well under your available limit.

If you just want to be able to make online purchases, you can, simply load your card and you can use it on the web anywhere Visa or Mastercard is accepted.

There are many different types of reloadable prepaid cards you can use as an alternative to cash for everyday purchases (they can be used in person too), you need only compare the programs and select the ideal fit for your budget and needs.

There are still advantages to good credit, significant benefits, and better reload rates. Many issuers offer premium store cards. It is worth noting you may not be able to use your prepaid credit card for recurring purchases.

As with all credit lines, they should be managed wisely for best results.


"All the purchasing power, without the financial risks..."
Prepaid Cards
  • Minimum Income: Varies
  • Deposit Required: $100+
  • Reloadable Online

You will need to provide basic personal information in the application process to determine potential eligibility for improved benefits. Following qualification your card will be ready for use after deposit and activation.

Don’t Miss Out

Don't be left out in the cold when killer new offers are made available, so you can sit back and save...