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Compare Bad Credit Car Loans Online - Low or No Money Down Financing Starting at 1.99% APR

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Car Loan Financing With a Bad History

There are few things as bad as a bankruptcy, foreclosure or having no credit history when it comes to getting your vehicle financed. However, you can still get the money you need it just will require a little more work.

With a really bad FICO, things are little easier because a bad rating is not as bad as having no history at all. Some companies might not approve your financing, others will approve you and even offer reasonable terms and repayment rates.

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Obtain a copy of your credit report, and confirm that it does not contain errors and derogatory information. It is estimated that 90% of reports contain incorrect information, it is essential to clear this up for occurances that are negatively effecting your score as it can get in the way of your qualifying for better financing.

What should you look for? Look for anything incorrect, for instance your contact information, or derogatory debt records older than 7 years can and should be removed.

Bad credit auto financing allows you access to the money you need to purchase the automobile you want, when you want -- in other words it gives you buying power. Derogatory information should only stay on your record for 7 years, and 10 years in the case of a bankruptcy. Any reportings older than that should be addressed. Some creditors use fraudulent tricks to keep the past debt on the report.

This practice is illegal and a violation of the Fair Debt Reporting Act. Wherever you find a fraudulent record contact the company and if they still won't remove the offense you may want to contact an attorney.

Any item that does not correspond to your accurate financial history should be reported to the credit bureaus, Equifax, Trans Union, or Experian, for clarification.

You may also add a small entry to valid derogatory entries explaining a sudden illness, an auto accident, etc. Creditors can sometimes take this information into account, giving you extended borrowing opportunites with better rates and repayment terms than they normally would.

Do the research online, compare the quotes from guaranteed auto loans, traditional direct lenders, and banks, because there are numerous lenders competing for your business that would love to source your bad credit auto financing.


Used Car Loans vs. New Vehicle Financing

You may be surprised when you compare quotes, how many no credit check loans exist for used vehicles not older than 5 to 7 years and priced up to $15,000.

Don't feel you are forced into only shopping for a used car because of your past. Everyone knows buying new, is not always the most sound financial decision. We all know your vehicle will lose considerable value the moment you drive it off the lot.

But... It feels oh so good, looks great and if you can afford it, why not. Crunch the numbers and make a sound decision that doesn't throw your personal finances out of wack. Whether you choose to buy new or used, we've got your back.

Further information on borrowing responsibly can be found here: car purchase financing.

Additionally, alternatives to bank financing include Buy Here Pay Here dealers. These dealers self finance vehicles on the lot which means they hold the paper for the car essentially acting as the bank. The payment terms are usually expensive and can including things like weekly payments.

Be aware, most Buy Here Pay Here's do not report to the reporting bureaus and any deal with them will not improve your FICO scores.

Even though interest rates are higher than average, used car loans for people with bad credit offer an alternative for people who want to borrow a little money to buy a vehicle if all other options have been tried.

A Reminder to Borrow Responsibly

Just because financing is available doesn't mean you should borrow recklessly. Once you have financed your new car, do not miss a payment or make late payments.

If you're rebuilding your financial reputation and correcting the mistakes of the past, it will not do to repeat them. Pay on time every time.

Over time, timely repayment will improve your FICO, allowing you to qualify for the better bad credit car loans interest rates, $0 down offers and bigger financing opportunities in the future.

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Don't be left out in the cold when killer new offers are made available, so you can sit back and save...