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Welcome to ReallyBadCreditOffers.com, a consumer financial resource helping people with bad credit get loans approved: repair, rebuild and refinance.

Yes! Loans from $500 - $3,500 - Borrow What You Need All Online

personal loan offers Need money? These offers can help you buy some breathing room. Get help to catch up regardless of your credit history. Applying takes just minutes, approvals even faster. You will be asked to provide basic information in a simple online application, as a qualified borrowers can have usually access your money by the next business day. You can apply for multiple offers, browse, compare rates, and accept the best program for your needs.

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Personal Loans Information


If you need of money but you don't want a complicated financial transaction, personal lending could be the right choice for you. Personal loans are designed to provide money for applicants with little requirements, have very flexible repayment terms, and can offer needed financial relief in a crisis.


Unsecured Loan or Secured Loan

Personal loans come in two forms: Secured and unsecured. Secured loans are guaranteed by the borrower using a personal asset such as a real estate or a car as collateral for the loan. Unsecured loans on the other hand don't require any collateral. Each choice has its own set of advantages and disadvantages that must be weighed when choosing your personal loan.

Secured loans provide less risk for the lender, because of the collateral, and this allows for lower interest rates, longer repayment periods and lower monthly payments. Unsecured bad credit loans, on the other hand have inherently higher risks for the lender and thus higher interest rates, higher monthly payments and shorter repayment periods can be expected.

Credit Rating - Know Where You Stand

bad score accepting loans Knowing your credit report before applying is crucial to know on what financial footing you stand. Required by law, credit reporting agencies are required to provide you with a free copy of your credit report at your request, this is a golden chance to find your score and plan for improvement.

Get your free copy and correct any errors or inaccuracies, act immediately and contact the credit agency. Credit agencies are prepared to deal with these inquiries and are required by law to service your request for revisions.

Your Credit Should Not Prevent You

Discovered that past financial mistakes have ruined your credit score? Don't worry. There are many people in the same situation and the financial industry has created bad score personal loan offers for people with poor credit, no credit, frequently delinquent, awful, and even for those who have gone through bankruptcy.

There are many lenders now offering personalized loans for low FICO scores, with no credit check and no references required, though the rates will not be as competitive as a regular personal loan but they are an excellent way to begin to rebuild your credit scores and can be a better source of short term liquidity than credit cards. The interest rate on credit cards can be 50% higher than bad FICO loans and the monthly payment of a loan is often fixed so you need not worry about market fluctuations.

borrow wisely Make sure you use personal loan money wisely to get yourself back on your feet. Pay off high interest outstanding debts and credit cards balances. Get back on track paying bills on time in order to immediately improve your credit score. On time payments monthly on the money you borrow will even help to improve your credit. Stay on track and you will be able to move from credit that is bad to good credit and get all the added benefits that better credit provides.

low FICO lending caution A word of caution. Avoid borrowing unsecured bad credit loans and credit cards you cannot pay back. Keep an eye on what your monthly payment is expected to be. Learn how to make a budget and stick to it. With a little planning you should be able to take control of your financial life and increase your wealth rather than increase your debt. Choose a loan offer that is manageable under your circumstances and be realistic. Debt anxiety is not fun, and the benefits of living debt free give relief to enormous unneeded pressures. Be smart and make wise decisions when your financial freedom is at stake.


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* A typical APR for the loans listed ranges from 261% to 1304% for a short term loan.


All collection practices of these loans will always be in accordance with the principles of any federal regulations. Failure to repay the loan on time, delinquency or defaults on the registered account could negatively impact your credit score. Renewal policies vary for every lender, please read all the print presented on the application page.