Best Money Making Tips: How To Make A Fast $50

how to make a fast $50 dollars the simple way

Ah… so you want to know easy ways to make a fast buck, eh?

You’ve come to the right place.

We’ve found some great strategies for you from across the web shared by some of the top personal finance bloggers and financial experts who know a thing or two about raising money in a pinch.  The following are ethical ways you can make around $50 bucks fast, when you need to in a hurry — without compromising your safety or sanity…

Top 5 Articles + 1 Post That Cut to the Money Making Chase

50 Ways to Make a Fast $50 — Capable of performing tasks, sitting, selling, renting, doing manual labor or using your talents to research or work online?  If so there is an easy to implement strategy or resource waiting for you.  Not into using the internet to earn? Try washing cars up and down your street at $10 a pop each week. [DailyFinance]

How to Make $50 a Day Working for Amazon — While performing basic tasks using Mechanical Turk may only pay $0.10, they are super easy and crazy fast to complete.  A money making resource available to the industrious, getting to $50 in earnings can happen faster than you think. [thepennyhoarder]

50 More Ways to Make a Fast $50 — Try scooping poop for neighbors, pool cleaning, lawn mowing or gutter cleaning.  Performing chores for neighbors they would rather avoid is direct channel to earning cash in a hurry.  Don’t be embarrassed, far from it, take pride in hustle to make things happen.   [MoneyTalksNews]

How to Make Spring Cleaning Profitable — Selling old appliances, couches, or exercise equipment, use Craigslist.  Take advantage of a Facebook Yardsale for your old clothes, and you can earn as much as $128 on any old cell phones laying around using!  [cultofmoney]

How to Turn Your Free Time Into Money Making Time — How to participate in online market research with payouts sometimes as much as $150 for just a few hours of your time as well as a guide to legitimate online survey opportunities with payouts averaging up to $5 for an hour of time.   [creditkarma]

How to Earn $10 Per Case Giving Feedback to Attorneys — Did you know you could serve as an online jury for lawyers, and get paid to boot?  Two new sites allow you to provide feedback to attorneys on civil case arguments for up to $10 per case.    [sidehustlehq]

Other Essential Reading

16 Simple Savings Hacks to Use Throughout Your Day — Placing pictures of what you are dreaming of like your next vacation to Yellowstone, will help you resist spending money on frivolous things while you save to achieve your goal — and let the sunshine in to reduce electricity usage and improve your mood.   [creditsesame]

The Ultimate Money Saving Idea List (103 Strategies) — Insulate your water heater for 5% in savings.   Plan to chart your spending throughout the month, save 18% on average when you cut this one simple thing, and discover the power of the Pareto Principle…   [ReallyBadCreditOffers]

9 Life Milestones That Double as Debt Threats — How an attorney making six figures is just as likely to end up with too much consumer debt as a journalist making $30,000–and how graduation, marriage, home buying, retirement and more can add to your debts if you aren’t careful.   [theSimpleDollar]

How to Achieve Long Term Financial Goals — Break your dreams into mini-goals, establish a plan in advance, stay motivated and play the long game.  Establish smart priorities in advance.  Set your payoff goals and keep yourself accountable to achieve them. [getRichSlowly]


The possibilities are many, and you are surrounded by more money making opportunities than you may realize.  In the end you don’t need 50 ways to make an extra $50, you just need one.  One simple way to make a little extra money which fits your talents, which you can enjoy in the process.